Gyros, Accelerometers,Inclinometers, Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors,
Rotary Sensors, Magnetic Patter Recognition Sensors, Magnetic Switches, Shock Sensors,
Rotary Position Sensors, Sound Sensors.

  • BCG Solutions • Microblower • Blood Pressure Sensor Wireless Modules:

  • WiFi Modules (with internet MCU) • WiFi & Bluetooth Modules.

SAW FILTERS: bandpass filters, delay lines, and notch filters from 40MHz to
2.6Ghz for automotive, industrial, medical and communication wireless applications.
SAW RESONATORS: frequencies from 300MHz to over 1GHz in many standard packages. 


HF/UHF MAGICSTRAP® is a small size HF band RFID IC module, including embedded antenna.

Power Supplies:
Murata Power Solutions is a market leading supplier of DC-DC converters, AC-DC power converters, magnetics and digital panel meters for Industrial and Medical applications.
The company's DC-DC converter product line includes a complete range of high
performance isolated DC-DC, board mount power and non-isolated point-of-loads DCDC
as well as non-isolated DC-DC converters for processor and memory applications.





• Geomagnetic Sensors

• High Accuracy Digital Magnetic Compasses

• SENtral Motion Coprocessor


Kelag offers standard and customized Sensors Modules based on VTI's bulk micro-machined technology.

·        Accelerometers

·        Vibration sensors

·        Inclinometers

·        Data logger for harsh environments




·        Load & Force thin/flexible sensors




• Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors 5psi-5000psi


• Co2 Sensors


• Analog & Digital humidity & temperature sensors.

• Particle & Gas sensors





• Wall Thickness Measurement

• Air Bubble Detection

• Ultrasonic Testing

• Fill Level Monitoring




  • Ultrasonic sensors

• Buzzers

• Ultrasonic transducers

• Flow sensor series

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